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Guidelines to Parents
  • Good Education is the combined effort of teachers and parents. So full Co-operation of the parents in all affairs of the school ensures the best conducting of the school.
  • Children learn not only from the class room,but also from other sources such as Friends,books,library,radio,cinema, TV ,etc.Hence parents have an obligation to pay attention to them.
  • As all children come to school with different back grounds, capacities and interest,it is not advisable to compare one child with another.
  • Parents and guardians would call on the Headmistress at her leisure hour at least once a month to get information regarding their children and do the needful I time.
  • The School expects that parents will supervisse the studies of their children and will take keen interest in their day to day needs like the uniform,haircut and notebook etc.
  • Please Check your Child’s diary daily and note the homework given and see that it is one.Also sign all reports and notices in the diary.
  • Absence of a child should be intimated to the class teacher.A child who wants to leave the school during working hours,for special reasons may bring a note from their parents
  • Students who absent themselves from the school for 1 5 days of more without intimation will have their name removed from the school roll and won’t be re-admitted
  • During the class hours parents must not disturb the teachers
  • Complains should be Communicated to the Headmistress
  • Parents Who seek admission for their children in the school, must register their names in the school office in the last week of January . There w ill be a simple writtenfor the candidates in the last week of march selected candidate will be informed by post .They should bring the TC with the fee to be remitted at the time of admission.
  • Parents who want the TC of their children should give an application duly filled up with the signature and address of the parents.The name of the school where the child is going to study should be specified. You can collect the TC.on then third day.please remember will be issued only after the 10th of May
  • If a student fails twice in a class, the parent will beasked to get T.C. and seek admission else where
Instruction to Students
  • All pupils should attend the class punctually with their lesson well prepared
  • All Pupils at the first bell must take their place in line in silence During prayer they are to observe complete silence
  • All Pupils must be in the school five minutes before classes commence.
  • The school uniform is compulsory. It is black blue shorts /pants for boys and skirts for girls ,whitish blue shirts, tie,belt, Black shoes and blue socks and students shall wear house T-shirt uniformon Wednesdays
  • Student should themselves be responsible for their own books and other articles they bring to school
  • no book, newspaper or periodicals other than the school book may be bought to school
  • Except in the language classess only English may be spoken in the school and its Premises
  • Pupils must at all times show respect and reverence to the teaching staff.They should be gentle, polite and friendly to their companions.
  • Pupil Should not throw papers and other rubbish any where in the school except in the bins provided for that purpose
  • Pupils are strictly forbidden to step on the benches and desks,to scribble on the walls,pillars, doors and windows,to run about howling in the school premises.
  • Students from one classroom are not allowed to enter another classroom . When Students move along corridors or going up and down the staircases,”Keep left” is the accepted rule.
  • playing in classrooms and corridors is strictly prohibited
  • Exchane of articles,money ,Transaction between students without permission is not allowed
  • Your behaviour in the class rooms, Varandas, in the school bus where in the campus should be polite and decent.Remember correct behaviour is an expression of a fine character.
  • “Courtesy bedgets courtesy “Try to use the words please and thank you’ whenever you have to.
  • Be simple in words. Never tell lies to your parents teachers or friends.
  • Promotion will depend upon the general progress during the year, not merely on the result of the annual Examination. For this the following will be considered
    • Response in the class
    • Homework and class work
    • Handwriting,neatnessof the book and cleanliness
    • Politeness and Disciplined behaviiour
    • Terminal examination
  • The basis of Promotion is a minimumof 40% marks
  • Promotion refused will not reconsidered
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