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House system is a way of developing strength and unity in diversity, and fosters pride, responsibility, and respect for the contributions of others. Student Houses are mastered by teaching faculties who coach, advise, and perform supervision on a rotating basis with the house members so that students enjoy a high level of attention and guidance. AKM Public School gives equal priority to House system of students to develop them at individual and group level of diversity.

House Name Logo Teacher Captain
Red Gayathri S, Tom Chacko. Jestin , Sneha kurian
Yellow Titto Varghese, Sumi Varghese Deepak Dileep, Rinku V Mariya
Green Solly Mathew. Abilasha wilson, Akhil Das
Blue Manju N.C Althaf Salim, Steny Mariya Sandosh
black sdd wwf,ffgg

Arts and crafts are important for children from a very young age and it remains important with them for long. Art is a form of communication and a way of expressing emotions and to process feelings and experiences. It also helps children to gain elf confidence, belief in their abilities and to learn through play. AKM Senior Secondary School gives importance to engage our students to develop their inherent and coherent capabilities in Arts and Crafts through regular workshops, training and competition. Our students participates in competitions conducted at school, interschool, zonal and state level and won prizes.


Field trips give students educational experiences away from their regular school environment. We conduct field trips to popular zoos, nature centers, science museums, historical places and tourist sports. We design field trips to provide alternative educational opportunities for children. It is conducted yearly once to places as significant for the age group of students.

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