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Arts and crafts are important for children from a very young age and it remains important with them for long. Art is a form of communication and a way of expressing emotions and to process feelings and experiences. It also helps children to gain elf confidence, belief in their abilities and to learn through play. AKM Senior Secondary School gives importance to engage our students to develop their inherent and coherent capabilities in Arts and Crafts through regular workshops, training and competition. Our students participates in competitions conducted at school, interschool, zonal and state level and won prizes.


AKM Senior Secondary School believes that participation in activities plays an important role in the academic, social and emotional growth and development of students. We have trainers in selected Athletic activities. We envision to provide a variety of opportunities to our students so that varied interests and abilities are enhanced. We add more athletic programs year by year and participate our student at various level of competition. We won championship in many events. We maintain sophisticate tracks, lawns, sports utilities, equipment and playground for students to practice under supervision of trained faculties and coaches.

    • Basket Ball
    • Skating
    • Paul Vault
    • Cricket
    • Volley Ball
    • Weight Lifting
  • Roller
  • Discus Throw
  • Hockey
  • Tennis
  • Football

Good education can be derived from playing sports. Without healthy experiences outside the classroom, many young people are at risk of obesity and depression. AKM Public school gives priority in motivating our students to participate in the sports activity. Regular training is given to the participants by qualified Trainers and rigorous training to the contesters at competition level. We have well maintained and safe Athletic tracks and spacious practicing play ground. Our school has won medals, awards and positions at the following sports events.


To Develop the different interests and talents of the students we provide ample opportunities through various co-curricular activities. Participation in one of the co-curricular activities is made compulsory for every student of AKM Senior Secondary School. The various extracurricular activities listed below are aimed to prepare the students to nourish their academic, intellectual, social, religious, personal and cultural talents and guide them to be responsible in a challenging, competitive and dynamic world ahead.

    • Nature Club
    • Linguistic Club
    • KCSL,DCL Balajanasakyam
    • Student Council
    • Vocal and Instrumental Music
    • sfsdfsdf
  • Adventurous Club
  • Literacy Association & Club
  • Quiz and Debate Club
  • Karaoke Club
  • Creativity Action Service
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