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Our Play School is designed to encourage a child to wonder, think, feel and imagine in a way to extend the child’s interest and encourage participation. Special theme, ambiance and mood setting are provided to the Play school environment.

Our specially skilled, trained staff and assistance deliver feel of comfort, love that is not less than the parents of each kids, care as their mission so that every kid of us are attached and loved to stay with their friends, teachers and school as they love to stay with their moms.

Curriculum Followed : CBSE

Our primary schooling methodology centered in shaping the pupils to the core of education and by stimulating their interest to learn willingly than under compulsion. We felicitate to bring out the native desire and talent of pupils through assignments and evaluation of each student in a way to assist them at the area of learning difficulties of any specific subject or part of it.

We have dedicated teach staff, who are skilled and trained to train the students at Primary educational stage to deliver our promise and commitment to every Primary School pupil of us.

Syllabus : CBSE

At this precious stage of schooling, we felicitate activities in addition to the curriculum program to develop the right relationships among students, diverse group, to develop healthy relationship with opposite sex, develop strong relationships with teachers develop confidence, love to books, commitment to the assignments in a way to mold them to face the challenges in the schooling, family and society.

At high school level, we have our great teaching faculties who respect each of their subjects and pupils and provides supportive, collaborative environment In a small community and sets high expectation for all students.

Syllabus : CBSE

At this stage, we work more closely with students and parent to prepare them to excel in their public exams, career guidance, competency, memory enhancement, work beyond capabilities, time management, resource management, knowledge sharing, team building. In other words we mold our pupils during their higher secondary schooling to position themselves to their dream future, deliver the expectation on them by the society and parents.

At higher secondary level, our teaching team who possess deep seated convictions in their profession as teachers provides educational leadership to the students, train them to enjoy challenges, lead them to attain their goals and help them to cross barrios that hindering their journey to goals

We have the following streams of subjects at higher secondary level

  • PCMC - English, Maths Chemistry, Physics & Computer Science

  • PCMB- English, Maths Chemistry, Physics & Biology
  • PCBM- Physics,Chemistry,Biology,Malayalam
  • Commerce - English, Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, Informatics practices


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